Lila Gemellos began selling her shoes out of Starbucks Coffee Shops, other Silicon Valley Cafes and off of Facebook in 2009.  A San Jose product, Lila Gemellos grew up in the Evergreen neighborhood and has deep roots in her community.  This is the same community she works and participates in. Lila never could've imagined what a single pair of Van's could do for her.  Still working full-time, her mother asked her to draw feeet on a pair of Van's.  At the time, you would have seen painted automobiles if you had googled painted Van's.  Gemellos's mom wore them into Starbucks a couple times and people were doing double takes, trying to discern if they were feet or shoes.  Her shoes caught the attention of many and one week later, Gemellos had orders written on Starbucks napkins for the sneaky sneakers.  Within a year, she had so many orders, she needed to devote her full attention to them.  Lila also had a creative talking point in speaking to anyone who liked her shoes.  Lila Gemellos has been enjoying not only painting for schools, but also creating her out of the box kicks and World Coin Jewelry for the Soul Shoppe.  

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